Kaatrin Mozhi (2018)

KM is the remake of the hit Vidya Balan starrer “Tumhari Sulur”. Radha Mohan who is popular for such movies dons the director’s mantle. KM is produced by G. Dhananjayan.

The story of KM is an appealing one and the remake sticks faithfully to the original. Mostly a feel good film it is subtle in its messages and at the same time inspirational too without being preachy. There are Radhan Mohan moments in this film too that click and most fall flat. Forget the comparison; what pales out is the chemistry between the lead pair and the screenplay suffers because of this. A few melodramatic scenes and a few more in the name of comedy could have been easily done away with.

Jyothika is at her animated best with plastic expressions and does not impress. There are many scenes where she overdoes everything. Vidharth is good on his own, but again in the pair up, he suffers as well. Simbhu appears in a cameo and does nothing new. Lakshmi Manchu is the pick of the lot. Rest of the supporting cast including most of Radha Mohan loyalists work on expected lines.

Mahesh behind the camera provides good visuals. Kaashif is average in the music department with okayish songs and decent background score. Editing by Praveen KL needed a few more trimming. Dialogues are OK while direction by Radha Mohan is RM standard. 

KATRIN MOZHI is passable as an entertainer if you can ignore some of the “yawn” moments mostly because of the lead pair.





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