Watchman (2019)

WATCHMAN is a thriller that is directed by Vijay and has GVP in the lead. After the dismal Kuppathu Raja GVP is back on the screens with this film that is produced by Double Meaning Productions (whatever it means).

After a barrage of “horror comedies” comes “dog movies”. With holidays around the corner this looked a good move and also the promotions baiting the viewers projecting the “dog effect”. A dog’s performance is always a huge incentive and even here it looks well set. Sadly, we have a hero in the movie too,so there is a totally unnecessary backdrop, a very tiring buildup and a silly predictable climax that makes WATCHMAN tough to endure. The thrill element is dull, the comedy forced and the drama behind everything very annoying.

BRUNO as the dog, sadly has little to do despite being the only reason to watch the movie. GVP continues to do what he does unimpressively. Yogi Babu is here as a namesake and goes about the proceedings without any interest. Suman is wooden and Samyuktha Hegde? Oh well she is here and there..

Nirav Shah’s cinematography and GVP’s music would make you feel like you are watching a riveting thriller, which is unfortunately not the case. Anthony’s crisper editing could have done away half of what we saw. Dialogues are standard while direction by Vijay sub standard.

WATCHMAN, even at 90 plus minutes is one of the longest you might want to spend in the theatre.





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