Sindhubaadh (2019)

Vansan movies produces this film that is written and directed by Arun. The movie has Vijay sethupathi and his son who play the lead roles.

The film begins in a convulsive mode and once it settles down it tries to be funny in vain, futile in attempting to be entertaining. The first half set in Tenkasi is barely watchable. The second half takes place abroad and here is where you got to conveniently bury your logic into your popcorn carton. Nothing works in this irrational film that has a sloppy script and a fallacious screenplay.

Vijay sethupathi continues to play his usual self and fortunately adds one more expression to his limited repertoire. Suriya VS has fun but is average. The new lean and mean Anjali screams her way for nothing. The rest including the supposedly dreaded villain Linga are borderline.

Cinematographer Vijay Kartik saves the film from sinking further with good visuals. Yuvan has an engaging score that is lost in the chaos. Ruben could have been thrifty in his editing. Dialogues are standard and direction very ordinary.

SINDHUBAADH is disappointing to say the least and a visit to the theatres must only for the snacks.



B.U. Shreesha


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