Gurkha (2019)

Produced, written and directed by Sam Anton, Gurkha has Yogi Babu playing the lead once again after “Dharma Puthran”.

The first half takes longer than necessary to settle with the characters given more than the usual time to establish themselves. After a string of stupid conversations in the name of comedy the movie tries to “thrill” the viewers without forgetting to entertain in the name of some mindless fun situations. The loud amusement and irrelevance of logic drags the film despite the usual barbs at politicians and celebrities’ Tamil cinema today is templated with.

Yogi Babu’s crowding presence is tiring. Charlie after a long interval is refreshing. Elyssa is good in the character she plays. The rest are loud and jarring as the film itself.

Krishnan Vasanth’s cinematography is a major asset to the film. Raj Aryan’s music is decent. Ruben’s editing saves the film from becoming an embarrassment. Dialogues are middling while direction by Sam Antony is adequate.

GURKHA despite having the right idea suffers from humdrum conversation in the name of comedy.





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