On Your Wedding Day (2018)

It’s so adorable and I highly recommend to everyone!! The acting , the story , everything’s amazing. The way the two leads’ friendship and love develops, the way we fall in love with the characters and want them so badly to be together but the damn timing just isn’t right each time, really gets the viewer involved. I had all the feels. *Spoiler* I was so sad they didn’t end up together but it also made sense. This is life. It’s reality. You don’t always end up with the person you want to be with. Life gets in the way. And I was so glad that the male lead didn’t try to force the female lead into running away with him or anything. He was respectful all the way. And loved her so much I have a lot to say about this movie. I know a lot of y’all think this movie had a sad ending ( cause y fall in love with characters and want them so badly to be together) but it was a happy ending for the two of them. Sure they didn’t end up together in the end but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was sad. If they’d stayed together, Seunghee would forever have the insecurity that he would regret ever meeting her. And he would’ve always had the “what if they’d never met & he managed to achieve his dream” thought in his head. They wouldn’t have made each other happy. The true happy ending for them comes here when they’ve finally let each other go & he’s able to be mature enough to respect her choice and come to terms with the fact that although they love each other, they don’t belong together. In the end, they both got the closure they needed for their relationship & you can tell they’re both relieved that instead of them having a “bad” past, they can now look at each other as a wonderful memory of their youth. amazing movie. Do watch. Worth it.


Rating: 3.75/5


Review by nedaahamadi


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