Oththa Seruppu Size 7 (2019)

This movie generated a lot of curiosity for its one of its kind story telling ability. The movie has got rave reviews from ones in the film industry. R Parthiban has produced, written, directed and acted in this film.

With just one character in play, Parthiban manages to weave quite an engrossing tale for two long hours, that is patchy at times and genuinely interesting otherwise. A script that relies heavily on dialogues and play acting by one character can be a stretch, but then the murder mystery genre helps in keeping the viewer’s interest intact. There are some Parthiban moments too that he is famous for and that is entertaining as well. The film delivers a lot of message but is far from sounding preachy or sermonic. There are a few disappointments like the length of the movie or the repetitiveness that can get a bit tiring.

Parthiban as the actor is a big advantage as he keeps it true to the character he plays. The body language, the expressions and his dialogue delivery helps in engaging the audience. Very rarely does he overplays and on the whole keeps the character faithful to the script.

Technical a movie like this requires the strongest support. Cinematographer Ramji manages to craft Parthiban’s one man show captivatingly. Sound, the most important facet in this film is in the able hands of Resul Pookutty and he does not disappoint one bit. Sathya’s background score is an asset. Dialogues are good and direction appreciable.

OS is not the regular dish that moviegoers are used to, but then for the sheer audacity of the man and his belief in making cinema that is close to his heart plus the largeness and his selflessness of his heart that allows him to invest his all in his ideas, Parthiban should take a bow and needs the widest support.





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