Enai Noki Paayum Thota (2019)

The less said about the release of this film the better, for it has been “loading” for quite some time and now makes its mark on the screen, after an agonizingly long time for everyone associated with the film. The fans of this film have been waiting with bated breath because of the raging hit one particular song from the film has turned out to be. Escape Artists Motion Pictures produce this film that is written and directed by Gautham Vasudeva Menon.

Kollywood’s few reputed film makers have a framework that they religiously stick to. It is not just the way the film is shot, the genre, the characters and their attitude, the premise, the setting, the environment, the tone and everything about their films follow a particular pattern and hence a sense of déjà vu permeates all over the film. GVM is no different. His films stick to “his” so called masala and EPT is no different. For fans of such film makers it invariably turns out to be like consuming their favourite treat, but for the others the predictability and lack of surprise wears them out. EPT runs on parallel lines like AYM but a little finer than it. Romance is GVM’s forte and here too it works, but the songs don’t make a visual impact and it is with the conventional masala that GVM falters big time. The constant commentary would make Sanjay Manjrekar run for cover.

It ‘s oft repeated that in Dhanush films, it is Dhanush who carries the film on his shoulders and yet again it is Dhanush who saves this film from being a cropper. Megha Akash is lively in her substantial role and delivers. Sasi Kumar is miscast.

Technically GVM’s films are superbly shot. John, Manoj, Kathir do the honours behind the camera. Darbuka Siva delivers one block buster song and other good ones. Dialogues are GVM worthy and direction is standard.

ENNAI NOKKI PAAYUM THOTTA is strictly for die hard romantic GVM fans, and the rest can rest.





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