Mamangam (2019)

Produced by Venu Kunnappilly MAMANGAM is partly a fictional account of a myth that is believed to be a true story that still exists in the minds of the people of Kerala. The film is written by Shankar Ramakrishnan and is directed by Padmakumar.

The emptiness in the film creeps as soon as the story starts to unfold.

Despite a thunderous hero introduction, ironically that fails to impress, the film does not take off as it stutters and stammers itself towards the end credits. The idea to weave a social message that suits also the present is appreciable, but the effort in screenplay is lackadaisical. Cliché prejudice and the pretentious “balances” stand out as weakness in the films despite having potential to be a bold and strong film.

Mammootty is stiff and grave in a largely underwhelming role. Unni Mukundan manages to look good while Master Achuthan impresses. The women in the movie have little to do and the men don’t do much.

Manoj Pillai’s cinematography is at its best decent. The graphics are amateurish. Production design is good and so is the music by Jayachandran. Raja Muhammad had lots to work on but ends up compromising. Dialogues despite being loaded do not inspire. Direction is standard.

MAMANGAM could have easily been an eye opener instead turns out to be weary.




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