V1 Movie Review

Paradigm Pictures with Kalorful Beta Movement produce this film that is written and directed by Pavel Navageethan.

Yet again one more crime thriller with one more new medical condition, V1 tries to add a different layer to the overkill of murder mysteries from Kollywood. Again it’s a simple murder case that is uncomplicatedly investigated. The presentation style is heavily a foreign influence and that makes it feel very alien like. Body language of the characters, the characterization as well as the investigative methods all feels so foreign without proper substance.

Ram Arun is not convincing in the lead role. Vishnu Priya too feels very wooden. Gayathri and Lijeesh fill the requirements.

Krishnasekar’s cinematography is pretty functional. Ronnie Raphel is average behind the scenes with his background score. Dialogues are standard while editing by Prem kumar needed more work. Direction is very average.

V1 is a whimsical crime thriller that does not engage.

V1 – VINA !!


B.U. Shreesha


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