The Platform (2019)

The writer had really something in mind and you can tell. This film is a work of art and I love it. The exposition is very clear and interesting. A lot of reviews that give this film a bad rating seem to miss the point by far. You should not watch this film in means of pointing out the plot holes only to be disappointed by the ending. I find it very sad that people are complaining about the wrong things and not getting the whole picture.

This should not be taking literally. People seem to think that every movie is like a MARVEL movie meaning you can watch it with one eye closed and then complain about the ending because it did not hand everything out to you. This movie is a study on human mind and psychology In the end, the man sacrifices himself for the greater good, not about the girl, not about him surviving nor escaping.

Also I’ve noticed that the bad reviews come from people who want things explained to them. Things like government in this movie is just an explanation for the whole “prison” system to be justified. Suspension of disbelief. Why do these things need to be explained, when everything’s that needs to be pointed out, is.

It’s a very philosophical film and interesting that makes you think deeply about the situation, and how when humans are put into this system, the system takes over and all the good in humans vanishes. And the point is that, it’s not our fault. We are programmed like that, and can’t do nothing about it. The ending was perfect, doesn’t matter what happened to the girl, you’ll need to figure out that by yourself. And by that I don’t mean theorizing literally where did she end up, but instead what was the point of the girl, the message they had to deliver ground floor, was there really even a message needed to be delivered, or was it just for nothing.

Now maybe some answers could be found trom the book Don Quixote, haven’t read it, but after this I reckon I will at some point. There was this quote in the end from the book that went something like It’s how you use your prosperity and wealth, not how much you have it. That sums up the whole meaning of this prison system, and may be my favorite quote ever among some others.

And especially what makes this film marvelous is that it delivers this concept perfectly, I didn’t get the feeling of “oh well great concept but It could’ve had been done better, because I feel that the director got his message through.

Also what I find very interesting is how at the top, where the food was being made, the guy who was responsible for it all, was very picky about how perfect the food had to be and even the tiniest of hair in the food was not acceptable: I KNOW that that is an allegory, just can’t figure to what. Maybe god. Need more time to think about it and maybe re-watch the film.

Review by antonkostrov


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  1. The person who possesses wealth is not made happy by having it but by spending it, and not spending it haphazardly but in knowing how to spend it well” — Don Quixote

    The message she represents is… hope. She is an innocent. The people above do not mind wreaking havoc on the guilty below, or on their pets, but to know there is someone innocent, a child, who is suffering in the lowest pit of their Hell, because of their sins…
    The woman who kept going down, and back up, for “her”child, she was feeding her. Nobody believed her about the child. Nothing changed. These were not bad people. They were driven to foul deeds through hunger and how others above treated them. At the bottom was child, who never harmed anyone, who could never eat enough to take from anyone. Suddenly, there is the realization that their suffering is largely of their own making.. and it needs to stop.

    Yes, the level where the food is created is “heaven” and the person overseeing the creation is “god”. The levels represent different levels of “hell”. There are 333 levels. It’s half way to 666. There is another quote from Don Quixote …”For if I was merry when I was Governor now that I’m a squire on foot I’m not sad, for I’ve heard tell that Fortune, as they call her, is a drunken and capricious woman and, worse still, blind; and so she doesn’t see what she’s doing, and doesn’t know whom she is casting down or raising up.” Being rich doesn’t make someone a good person. Being poor doesn’t make someone a bad person. The pit also represents Capitalism. The child represents Capitalism’s dirty little “secret”… that in a Capitalist society, it is often the children who suffer the most. Our society is one where we have sold ourselves into servitude: a sort of Hell of our own machinations.


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