Crash Landing on You

Best best best show! I have got so many of my Indian friends addicted to this show! It’s flawless! What chemistry!! Imagine having Hyun bin character in real! His smile and his positivity will ball you over! His acting was always praised but this one did a huge number to us .

We love him and his character is our most favorite ever. You have lived us through so many emotions, you have made us cry, we felt pain when u were hurt, we were happy n clapping when you hugged her and we were worried when you crawled out from tunnel. Thank you director for giving us him.

The casting is spot on! From the leads to support, no one could have played these characters better than this crew. First of it’s kind that I have gone n googled n Instagram followed a supporting cast! Go n sweep away all the awards of this year. You have set a benchmark and it will take a while to some other Kdrama to match you. The writer knows his characters and these actors have really skinned their characters especially Dan’s mom ( who was also in Oscar winning movie parasite), the way she speaks English n says “oh my gosh”. It’s quite tough to say who is my favorite supporting cast. Maybe it’s all four soldiers and Dan’s mom!

Yejin, Se-ri, she has never played such a fun character before who is Rich but street smart. I am just smiling when I see them together.
She never played a victim and that’s what made this drama more interesting. The way she looks at him and gets all worked up wen he answers he is okay. She knows he is always pained. She wants to help him by stepping back , n we feel that emotion of hers! Best expressions she ever gave on the show was wen she takes him shopping and he steps out in a suit . Omg not only her jaws fall down, mine too along with 1million girls watching the show!!!

They have paid so much attention to detail that even his video game name was “tomato cultivator” because se ri had gifted him a tomato plant. Such small small details not only makes us smile but wonder how romantic the writer is himself!

Definitely kdramas have fate as their backbone story but it’s so touching that you become their cheerleaders. I have watched all the episodes at least 4 times in loop! I am glad to learn Korean language and I m so eager to visit South Korea!

From secret garden to something in the rain, you both have got the crown of king n queen of melodrama respectively but this show has made u both king and queen of our hearts forever. It’s gem and we will treasure this forever. I will still smile and blush and cry and cheer for this every time I see it .

Special mention of beautiful OST. Amazing songs and lyrics. Descendants of the sun and Globin had their ost on billboard charts and now Cloy is taking over!

I would like to thank the crew of crash landing who have worked round clock to deliver this . I remember reading news of cast falling sick because of tight deadlines. Thank you u deserve all that applause.

Main cast to supporting cast, everyone just stands out and has their own charm. It’s one of those few shows, in which u will have favorite supporting actor and will always remember their character and their names. Amazing bonding with leads, their humor to their feelings, when they unite, I m sure even the toughest heart will cheer and have a tear! Screenplay is their backbone .

Review by Varsha Ranu


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