PENGUIN becomes the second Kollywood big ticket to release on AMAZON PRIME. Again this film like the earlier “Ponmagal Vandhal” is a heroine centric film and has Keerthi Suresh in the lead. The film is produced by Karthick Subbaraj’s Stone Bench Creations, the film is written and directed by Eashvar Karthic.

PENGUIN is a thriller mystery that takes time to unfold.. Just like commercial films these mystery films also have a set template (dog, rhymes, symbols..) that most stick to and can bring in a feel of déjà vu. Not to forget the liberties that they take to dramatize events, the logic too can take a knock here and there. The scenes freeze longer than the surroundings that they are set in and the cold location is contrived to accentuate the chillness on the screen. Yes all of the above work in parts. The red herrings are thrown around to stimulate doubt. With fewer characters and none so important than the lead and the kid, the guess work becomes very easy considering the other characters get very little to say.

Keerthy Suresh hogs most of the screen time while the rest have little to showcase. Keerthy Suresh is simple pale and cycles few expressions that the character demands. The males in the film are never around not just for the audience, even for the heroine in the film.

Karthic Palani’s cinematography combines well with Sontosh Narayan’s music to give you the chills and the thrills. Anil Krish’s editing could have been crisper, but then the content?. Dialogues are decent while direction for a debutant is good.

PENGUIN is OK for a debut film and very OK for a home watch, but then for the most careless mom in the world, PENGUIN takes the award !!!





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