Big Brother (2020)

I was never fond of the individual films directed by Siddique. Even if it is critically acclaimed Friends, Hitler or Chronic Bachelor or flops like Ladies & Gentleman & Fukri. For the first time Siddique directs an action film entirely, which turns out to be a disastrous experience for both the viewers and die hard Mohanlal fans. The plot involves Mohanlal being released from prison after serving a sentence of 24 years. How a socially awkward Mohanlal reacts with the changes is shown in the first half of the film after which he portrays a messiah type role in the second half of the film.

All the cliches which were shown in the blockbusters of the past has been repeated in this snooze fest with over the top action sequences which would put Telugu movies in shame as well.

Despite these drawbacks Mohanlal stands out with his performance but it makes viewers wonder why does he have to act in such a film despite achieving all kind of laurels. Among the supporting cast the trio of Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Tini Tom & Irshad enact their parts well meanwhile the other supporting actors like Anoop Menon, Siddique, Asif Basra & Arbaaz Khan are wasted because of the shoddy script and lack of character development.

It is high time that a director like Siddique stops relying on his past laurels and start working on developing a better script (for inspiration let him see Joshiy’s latest work). Regarding Mohanlal, it is better that he starts selecting better scripts rather than working in disasters like Neerali, Ittymani or Big Brother after giving hopes of vintage Mohanlal after acting in films like Puli Murugan, Odiyan or Lucifer.

(Last year began with a dud like Mikhael, this year/decade began with a bigger disaster like Big Brother which should be seen at your own risk. It is also sad that Malayalam Film Industry is declining in the number of quality films even in comparison with a smaller regional film industry like Marathi which produced one of the greatest political film in recent times)

Review by npdeo18


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