The Old Guard (2020)

The Old Guard is in short a captivating, entertaining and memorable action film. It has all the action you want, along with some nice character moments in between that give everything a bigger purpose. Charlize Theron has to be appreciated for continuing to star in such intense action roles and delivering with finesse.

Unlike other superhero movies, this one isn’t vastly high on CGI (at least doesn’t look like it is). The action is mostly practical (hand-to-hand combat, gunfights etc) and the pace is fast. The opening sequence itself is enough to confirm that. The cinematography is splendid, and the fight scenes are filmed mostly without excessive shaky camera movements due to which it’s easier to understand, experience and enjoy them.

I thought Extraction was the only cool summer action blockbuster Netflix had for us this year. Well, The Old Guard is another and fans of the genre would easily embrace it. This is why movies are made: just sit back, grab some snacks, turn off the lights and enjoy the ride.

Review by Prashast Singh


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