Produced by Kona Venkat and written and directed by Hemant Madhukar. NISHABDAM is a multi lingual in Telugu and Tamil.

Entirely shot in the US, the film is a supposedly thriller that begins and ends as dull and boring as it can get. The script is poorly written and the characters are so inconsistent that they change colours in a jiffy. The only thing Indian about this film is the actors while everything else is so “faking” American. Even dumber is the way the movie ends.

Madhavan looks out of sorts. Anushka salvages. Anjali and Michael Madsen prance around. Shalini Pandey and Subbaraju have little to do.

Shaneil Deo the cinematographer does a decent job. Gopi Sundar and Girsh have worked hardest in the music department. Prawin Pudi’s editing lacks teeth. Dialogues are dumb and direction silly…

NISHABDAM(SILENCE) deserves a silent burial !




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