Welcome Home (2020)

Welcome Home (Hindi, 2020) Horror, Thriller

The new SonyLiv flick is filled with emotions of fear and blood. This creepy movie tells the story of 2 ladies named Anuja and Neha who had frightening experiences when they went to take census count in a secluded house in the middle of nowhere. They went to take the census and felt something was out of place when they had met Prerna, a pregnant lady who told ‘Children were born and they die thereafter’ when asked about her other kids. There they met 3 more adults who were suspicious of the way they behaved.

They stepped out of the house. Later, Anuja had a feeling to go back to that house and Neha at first wasn’t interested. But their instincts made them go there. This time, everything is changed. A downpour made them stay for the night and, that was the beginning of their ultimate fears. What happened to them thereafter is the rest of the movie’s story.

Apart from dealing with a horror subject, the movie directed by Pushkar Mahabal and penned by Ankita pictures the Indian community dominated by men. For example, Anuja’s fiance and Neha’s brother were the same apart from living in different Indian cities. Their attitude towards women can be seen at the beginning of the film. The sex-starved villainous characters also depict another section called psychos who are not common, yet they consider women as tools for just sex. The male characters in the movie are mostly awful. Maybe they too exist!!

At end of the movie, when we realize that the whole incident is based on a true incident, we could feel chilling vibes through our flesh and bone. Welcome Home is well crafted and cut to the chase during the nearly 2 hours of its run time. Welcome Home shouldn’t be missed if you are a movie fanatic, especially if you like the movies that chill down the spine that pervaded with an eerie atmosphere.

Well, it was too hard to live the life of Prerna!!!

Review by rakzfb


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