Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban (2020)


Produced by Rajapondian, Suresh, and Bhaskaran, KTUN is written and directed by RDM.

The film as is evident is about the men in Khaki and the teaser plus the trailer has given enough information about the kind if film this is. Honestly there is nothing interesting beyond the synopsis of the film. The story is as flat as it can get and the screenplay is on “U” turn mode all the time without proper validation and fuzzy logic. The characterization for this plot looks dumb and that is everything connected with this film goes for a toss.

Mime Gopi as the villain gives his best. Suresh and Raveena as the lead pair are OK. The rest are average.

Adithya and Soorya’s background score is decent. The songs are unnecessary. Vishnushri’s cinematography is good. Editing by Vadivel and Vimalraj is OK. Dialogues are standard. Direction by RMD passes the rolls.

KAVALTHURAI UNGAL NANBAN is a blatant attempt to portray the men in Khaki in bad light and succeeds in a very depressing way.


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