Yen Peyar Anandhan (2020)

Firstly Director Sridhar has taken a lot of courage to choose this plot to be made into a feature film which makes it evident of his passion and love for Cinema. Kudos!

Actor Santhosh Pratap has believed in the young new team with a different perspective on films and has portrayed the role “Sathya” to his best such that we see Sathya not Santhosh on the screens. Actor Aravind Rajagopal who plays Parthiban has given his heart and soul to deliver it. Another keen role is that of “Iyarkai” who plays as a fellow theater artist, has made sure to bring out the tears from the audiences.

Yen Peyar Anandhan is a film about Arts which gives us a different dimensions on how a film should be made and a story should be conveyed. If you are going to look into too much technical aspects and commercial aspects then the film is definitely not for you. Mediocre film lovers will not be entertained. If you are fed up with all the lavish spending films with full of meaningless twist and turns then the film is definitely worthwhile. The first half may even make you think what is the film about but hold on, an acting treat awaits you in the second half.

A very bold attempt with a very minimal budget! No harm in supporting the Indie artists by watching the movie in theaters.

Review by rjvaithee


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