The Great Father (2017)

Most of the reviews were good to above avg. and i had almost an idea how this film is going to be. Many of them said that the 1st half was boring and slow with a lot of emotional songs and stuff like that. But for me, the first half was a brilliant set up to follow the second half. While the first half gives us some wonderful Daddy-Daughter moments , the second half sparks into a massive blood-hunt like film which goes out of hand with every frame. The First Half for me was equal to the second half, even though many don’t agree with me.

Baby Anikha’s Acting was mesmerizing. To portray a role so difficult that brilliantly, she is a massive treasure for the coming malaylam film industry. Mammooty’s acting was brilliant, the first half being superior to the second. Arya has also done a brilliant job in portraying his character. Strong , muscular , open and a brilliant personality brings a beautiful charm to the screen . Sneha has also did good but if i could rank would’ve put her in the fourth place. Apart from these four all other characters have small roles except the frequently appearing police investigators. In Short Everyone have done a beautiful job in carving out the film’s importance to the current society.

The film handles some very sensitive issues like pedophilia , child molestation and many other issues that makes it a really socially important film. One thing that i liked above the story was the direction. If there is a thing i can say about the film – the direction was stunning, along with the camera. These both gives us a beautiful visual treat with brilliant cinematography and in saying in terms of film making ; it is a perfect package. Haneef Adeni is a major advantage to our coming Mollywood industry , with this film breaking BO records already, I am sure that we get to see more of him in the coming years.

There are some moments in the film that we begin to admire the villain’s power over the hero. Often in films we were shown the superiority of the hero over the villain. Except the climax , the villain almost emphasizes complete control over the hero’s family.

It is no twist that we get in the climax . The Villain has one or two frames in the first half and that’s it. We can never find out who the villain is, as it can became a no surprise to anyone in the theater.

An Ordinary Viewer , either with his family or alone can view this film in many ways –

ASocially relevant film A Psychological Movie A Another ‘Dark Knight’ ( Villain’s Power) A Family Daddy-Daughter Movie or An Action Masala Movie.

If I Haven’t mentioned already , the last 10-15 mins. of the film is absolutely brilliant. The shots , the camera movement , fight choreography , everything was handled with utmost professionalism and it was perfection at it’s best.

7.4 / 10

Review by CobertNeede


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