TRIBHANGA is produced by Ajay Devgn’s FF Films. The film is written and directed by Renuka Shahane. Renuka’s earlier film Rita was in Marathi. The name TRIBHANGA is the name of a pose that is slanting in Odissi dance form.

The story of the film has three stories of three women within itself, one full, the other half and the other one fourth. Three different characters, yet very homogenous with different results, the film tries to disentangle the knots woven by them in a rather underwhelming way. Easily identified, the story is not unique to an everyday family. Again, the film tries its best not to advise or suggest, despite having a lot of women centric themes that scrape the surface without delving deep. There are interesting moments that do not last long and there are uninteresting forced ones that last quite long. The monotony in terms of presentation, cast and narration can get tiring. The men in the movie have very little to do other than being mocked, spited or ignored.

Kajol seems to have had a free hand and she goes OTT(read over the top). Kajol as Kajol instead of the character was a dampener. Tanvi Azmi is a perfect foil and is dignified, wishing we had more of her in the film. Mithila Palkar has to do with very little with little impact. The men in the movie are mere associations with the women and nothing more. Kunal Kapoor is earnest but annoyingly clement in a melodramatic plot.

Baba Azmi’s cinematography is ordinary. Sanjoy Chowdhury’s music is as inadequate as the narrative on the screen. Dialogues are OK. Editing by Jabeen Merchant could have done with some more snips. Direction is standard.

TRIBHANGA is about choices we make in life; it is about the “torn betweens” looking over the in-between’s and ends up “in-between” true to its slanting pose without having much to say.


B.U. Shreesha


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