A Little Princess (2019)

If you wanna know how good this movie is, well let me tell you.

Have you ever watched Miracle Cell No.7? It is that good, or even better (because it’s about a grandma and granddaughter relationship, which i personally prefer because my grandma has my entire heart.)

Compared to MCN7, I think this has a more of a happy ending, which will give your heart a little sting, but you will remember forever because of the warmth and reunion, compared to MCN7 which might have given you a scattered heart that will pain you forever and it’s the pain that makes you remember forever.

I love Na Yoonhee-nim’s acting so much. She is the legend, that’s on period, ‘nough said, give her all the awards out there please!! just a brilliant brilliant performance! but oh my god that kid actress tho, she is unbelievably incredible!!!! I fall in love with her acting, especially the way her tears roll on her cheeks, those scenes were so beautiful, she looks like an angel.

Review by Tran Phuong Anh


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