EK MINI KATHA is produced by UV concepts. The film is written by Merlpaka Gandhi and is directed by Karthik Rapolu. The film gets an Amazon Prime release.

EMK has a “small” story but a very persuasive subject. The writer works humour around it to keep the tinkle jaunty. Unfortunately somewhere in the “middle” the film starts losing steam. Humour doesn’t last indefinitely and the film fails to progress beyond the humdrum narrative that is riddled with slapstick situations. There is character overload and sardonically the female lead is silent, thereby robbing off the viewer of some legitimate conversations and knocking off the corroboration of the script. The climax tries its best to surmount the brief derailment.

Santosh eases into the character and delivers impressively. Kavya Thapar unfortunately has little to do. Shraddha Das is fine. The rest in the cast are fine.

Gokul Bharathi’s cinematography works. Pravin Lakkaraju churns good numbers and a decent backgrounds core. Dialogues could have been better. G. Satya’s editing is safe. For a debutant, Karthik Rapolu makes an impression.

EK MINI KATHA is a daring attempt that ends up as a fudged opportunity..




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