A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

I always say the opening scene/sequence of a film is crucial, and even more so in a horror movie. When the title card ‘Day 1’ pops up at the beginning of ‘A Quiet Place Part 2’ you know you are in for a treat. And it is a truly great sequence. I’m not normally a huge proponent of jump-scares, however the first one in this movie absolutely got me, and I’m rarely gotten. This sequence sets the tone for the film masterfully and then everything else flows from there.

There is a lot I like about this film, but also a bit I didn’t. I’ll get the negatives out of the way first so I can finish on a positive note. The film missed John Krasinski in an acting role. In the little bit of time we get with him we are reminded of just how charming and charismatic he is. Cillian Murphy just can’t replicate it. The film also didn’t feel like it added much to the first. The story advances, but we don’t get any new information. The film seems to exist purely as a bridge between the first and what I assume will soon be the third entry in the series. There’s also a little bit of a hopeless feeling about everything. We aren’t exactly sure what the endgame is in all this and that can make it slightly less investing.

The positives though are plentiful. Krasinski proves the original was no fluke, he is indeed a gifted director. The film looks great, in particular the monsters. The characters are again extremely likeable, particularly both of the children. Getting kid actors to make it work is so rare but these films achieve that and the film is so much better for it. Also the pacing is lightning quick. The film is basically non-stop and the credits rolling is going to catch a lot of people off-guard I suspect.

I’m a little torn on this one. I like it, but certainly a little less than the first one. It ramps things up with a lot more action and a lot more of the monsters. But it does miss Krasinski in an acting role big time and doesn’t quite have the innovation of the first. It’s definitely worth a watch though and I eagerly await the next entry.

Review by jtindahouse


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