Deliver Us from Evil (2020)

‘Deliver Us from Evil’ is surprisingly impressive. The directing and cinematography was perfection. Camera colours, shots and angles were top-shelf. The writing is good for an action film. A great story that was cleverly written. The action sequences were expertly choreographed. The score was great and fitting, without being overbearing. Casting and performances were outstanding. The little Korean girl was so adorable. Filmmaker, Won-Chan Hong is certainly one to keep an eye on.

What I liked the most about the film is that it’s antagonist is equally competitive if not, even more than the protagonist.

This film is literally Taken meets John Wick. The action sequences in this film is top class. Greatly choreographed and perfectly executed. Very well shot, stylized and with a lot of exciting action scenes. The cinematography and colours in the film is marvellous.

A Hollywood style film done better than Hollywood. The casting is perfect. The acting and action were really cool but the plot could be better as it has a really good story. However, the direction and cinematography is perfect.

Review by aadarshstha-92565


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