Pig(2021) Movie Review

While i’m certainly not on the ‘Pig is a masterpiece’ bandwagon, this is still an oddly engaging low key indie-flick with decent cinematography, sharp editing and an aptly atmospheric score, further boosted by the brilliance of Cage and a solid supporting cast, including the wonderful truffle pig itself!

However, it’s a slow moving ditty that never really takes off and i was somewhat disappointed with the undercooked finale. It also has to be noted that our disheveled hero goes through the entire movie filthy dirty, bloodsoaked and battered in many public places without nary a raised eyebrow, which stretches all boundaries of credibility… and i’m not talking about the pig here!

Regardless of its faults, this sombre thought=provoking tale of love, loss and loneliness is worth a watch if you want to check out something fresh and quirky, and it’s certainly good to see the enigmatic Nic Cage putting in a such solid turn again in between his many recent howlers (take note Neeson, Madsen and Willis). Bon appetite. Oink oink.

Review by whitetowel-74786


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