Don’t Breathe 2(2021) Movie Review

Don’t mess with the blind man.

The sequel to Don’t Breathe, which was one of the surprises back when I first watched. The first had a simple concept, but the great execution made for an intense and gripping thriller. So coming into this one, although with a different director, I expected another great thriller.

And the movie was pretty decent. Stephen Lang returned as a blind yet skillful man. He was again awesome in his role, showing not only good action, but also some emotion. He was for sure the best part of the movie.

The thriller aspect was definitely nowhere near the level of the first, which was a letdown. Since most of the action took place in the dark, sometimes it was hard to see the movement, and the editing didn’t help much either. Still, there were still great shots and lightning of Stephen Lang’s character that made some scenes intense.

Overall, a decent thriller that was a step down from the first. 6/10.

Review by Movi3DO


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