Karthik Subburaj’s Stone Bench films produces this film that is written and directed by Rathindran Prasad. The film was released on Star Vijay TV and also gets a NETFLIX release.

A horror thriller, BOOMIKA has the proverbial clichés that you would associate with this genre. But what helps the film is the honest writing and the deliberate message. The first half builds up quite well and then the film starts stumbling with some logical loopholes and a few manufactured scenes. Climax doesn’t electrify and there is an overkill of everything towards the end.

Aishwarya Rajesh delivers a neat performance. Vidhu is careful in his role. Surya Ganapathi and Avantika are decent. Madhuri is average while Pavel Navageethan is the pick of the lot.

Roberto Zazzara’s cinematography stands out, but not the VFX. Prithvi Chandrashekar does well with a polite background score. Dialogues are good and direction for a debutant is respectable.

BOOMIKA is a tidy effort but could have been much better.





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