Produced by Black Ticket Company and Trident Arts. KASADA TABARA is written and directed by Chimbu Devan.

KT depicted as an anthology is more a hyperlink that sews together 6 stories. The film begins on an impressive note. Neat performances do help a lot. But as the stories cascade, though interestingly, it becomes tough not to notice the blatant logical loopholes and defects. Slowly it becomes easier to predict the outcome of every plot despite the intertwining. The film is largely helped by some decent moments though the twists now can be seen from a mile.

Sundeep Kishen delivers a good performance. Venkat Prabhu surprises too. Vijayalakshmi is efficient. The rest of the star cast are fine.

The production design is weak. Cinematography is decent, Rajaskhekar and Kathir are good. Music is very average. Dialogues work most of the time and direction by Simbu Devan impresses.

KASADA TABARA is mostly engaging if one can ignore the imminent flaws.




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