Infiniti Film Ventures produce this film that is written and directed by “METRO” fame Ananda Krishnan.

Like the title the film has all the trappings of an over the top mass commercial entertainer, but does it take off? With Vijay Antony as the hero the title sounds very bizarre. The first ten minutes is spent eulogizing the hero and that’s such a dampener to begin with. An overdose of everything that a hero has done in Kollywood until now is unfurled on the screen and it is too much to consume. Lest we forget there is the “amma” sentiment that keeps snivelling now and then.

Vijay Antony shall keep trying and tiring us. Aathmika is there for only one reason. The rest in the form of Divya and Ram are neat.

Cinematography by Uthay Kumar is good. Nivas Prasanna’ songs are OK, while the background score by Harish Arjun was below par. Dialogues are fine and editing by Vijay Antony is loud. Direction is very average.

KODIYIL ORUVAN ends up as a tedious watch !!





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