A much hyped time loop movie, JANGO is written and directed by Mano Karthikeyan. The film is produced by CV Kumar.

JANGO begins rather unimpressively. The first 30 minutes looks like a propagation tool of a particular Tamil news channel. Then on the screenplay is marred by some dreadful performances and bored writing. The characters are loosely etched and they are largely incoherent. It is in the second half that the film gathers some pace. Though you see the writing on the wall from a kilometre it still manages to survive because of its interesting concept. The climax is an agonizing loop.

Satheesh kumar is wooden and Mrinalini Ravi is plastic. Karunakaran stands out with a very professional performance. Even seasoned actors in the film look bland and underwhelming.

Karthik Kumar’s cinematography is OK. Nivas K Prasanna’s musical score is decent. Editing by RAD Krish is fine. Dialogues are good and direction is neat.

JANGO deserves a peek only for its concept..



B.U. Shreesha


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