Produced by RSVP movies, DHAMAKA is a remake of 2013 Korean film “TERROR LIVE”. The film was initially supposed to be a heroine centric film, but then due to casting difficulties the makers turned it into a hero centric film.

DHAMAKA has an interesting premise, but that is just not enough. The screenplay is a desultory hackneyed execution of a thin plot that fails to engage the audience. A weak set, laboured characters and loopholes that can put Mumbai potholes to shame makes up the charade that unwinds on the screen. The logic is farcical to say the least. It becomes difficult to neither invest in the film nor root for any character despite their fight within. The theatrics are difficult to digest and the climax just implodes.

Kartik Aryan is neat, Mrunal Thakur is pretentious and the rest are just there, though very few.

A budget friendly production makes for difficult viewing. Manu Anand’s cinematography keeps the viewer engaged partially. Vishal Khurana’s background score is impasse. Monisha Baldawa and Amit Karia ‘s editing passes muster. Dialogues are below average and direction is standard.

DHAMAKA fails to even ignite, forget explode.





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