MAANADU is produced by Suresh Kamatchi and written and directed by Venakat Prabhu. The film was to release for Diwali and had to undergo tense moments before it got released today.

A sketchy plot, an average screenplay mounted on a sci fi concept, MAANADU begins rather boringly and it is when the loop begins that the movie starts making sense. There is a communal angle as well and there is nothing new in the way the message is delivered. It is a political thriller and stays true to that. The film’s biggest plus is the absence of romance and songs. The first half is tiring and it is in the second half that the movie in a loop brings out some entertainment.

Simbu is OK, but his look could have been better. SJ Suryaj is as loud as he can be. Kalyani Priyadarshan has very little to do and does little. Premgi Amaran and Karunakaran don’t deliver much. Y.G. Mahendran is decent among the rest.

Richard Nathan’s cinematography is fine. Yuvan’s background score is a huge plus, while the one single in the film is below average. It is an editor’s film and Praveen KL in his 100th film has given his best. Dialogues are average while direction is standard.

MAANADU is entertaining as long as you park logic and understanding in the parking lot.



B.U. Shreesha


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