Irfan Malik’s Emperor Entertainment produces this film that is written by Sankar Dass and directed by Sarjun K whose last outing was “Thunindha pin” in NAVARASA. This thriller gets an OTT release through ZEE 5.

BM has an interesting premise but is marred by skewed logic and ridiculous screenplay. The writing is silly without enough research and the loopholes are as large as hooplas. The script lacks intensity because of its off head approach and it’s tough to invest in the script or even sympathize with the characters.

Priya Bhavani Shankar struts around with just one expression one her face and for the most part she looks bored. Shirish is no better. Kishore is ordinary and the rest don’t impress.

Balamurugan’s cinematography is decent. Satish Raghunandhini background score is effective. Dialogues are average and direction is ordinary.

BLOOD MONEY is a drab and wish the makers had spent more time in research and facts than whatever they did..




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