The King’s Man(2021) Movie Review

Let’s bring it all the way back to the first Manners Maketh Men.

The major issues with this movie were the elongated plot and boring villains. There was a lot of moving around and characters talking that frankly only made the story confusing. Also, this plot probably served to divert the audiences away from the main villain, who was in the dark most of the time. However, most of the villains were bland with nothing special, except for the guy in the trailer Rasputin. Although he’s very cool in the action scenes, his character was obnoxiously weird. It’s like I’m watching a different genre with this guy.

For the plus, I enjoyed the action a lot. I wished there’s more, as there’s good creativity here. The best was early on between the British and the Rasputin. There was a shocking moment midway that changed our main character, which caught me by surprise too.

Overall, a decent Kingsman movie. Better than the second, but definitely no where close to the first. 6.5-7/10.

Review by Movi3DO


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