KUTHIRAIVAAL is a fantasy psychological film produced by Pa.Ranjith’s Neelam Productions. This film is written by G.Rajesh and directed by the duo Manoj Leonel Jahson and Shyam Sunder.

KUTHIRAIVAAL makes its purpose clear right from the beginning. The film isn’t normal and actually it borders on being wacky at times and pedestrian as well. Dreams are limitless and so you have here a film that tries to explore these limitless possibilities of dreams and philosophy through a central character. Just like dreams that don’t have a structure or explanation, the script meanders on “doped” with some forced “intelligence” that sounds juvenile without knowledge. At times you wonder if the sole purpose is to display cerebral superciliousness. The screenplay is raucous, again wilfully; it is only in the second half the film gets to business. Though the writer and the directors need to be given credit for the experiment in narration and the subject of the film, the film ends up almost a whimper.

Kalairasan delivers a very good performance . Anjali Patil is decent. The rest of the supporting cast are OK.

Technically the film is bang on. Cinematographer Karthik gives an amazing edge to the narration thereby lightening up the dull periods. Pradeep Kumar’s music compliments the film well. Giridaran’s editing is good. Dialogues are a letdown, while the debutants is real good.

KUTHURAIVAAL is an experimental film and strictly for those on such “trips”.





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