Maayon is amythological thriller film produced by Double Meaning Productions written by Arun mozhi Manickam and directed by Kishore.

MAAYON is a feeble attempt at adventure mystery with sprinkles of folklore and crime. The casting is bad and the performances by the starcast pull the film further down. The screenplay is bland and juvenile while the narrative is largely uninteresting. An interesting premise is letdown by silly writing and bad execution.

Sibi satyaraj looks totally disinterested and is bad in the film. Tanya Ravichandran goofs up. Radha Ravi and KS Ravikumar try to bring some seriousness to the scenes . The rest are average.

Ram Prasad’s cinematography is decent. Background score and music by Ilayaraja is average. Editing by Ram Pandian and Kondalarao is OK. Dialogues are substandard and direction below par.

MAAYON is a very plain attempt at something adventurous.





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