IRAVIN NIZHAL is a thriller produced, written, co-edited and directed by R. Parthiban under the banner Akira Productions and Bioscope Film Framers.

The movie entered the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for being the first Asian non-linear single-shot film.The film begins by showing a detailed account of the way this “no-edit” film is shot without any trick. You can’t help but notice the tremendous effort put in by the entire staff and crew behind this brilliant endeavour. The story isn’t unique and has quite the Parthiban stamp all over it. It becomes a bit difficult to process the happenings due to the unsteady filming. The writing lacks depth and hence there is a void despite the awe one feels after the visual intensity.

Parthibhal delivers a sound performance. It’s a mammoth exertion by the entire staff to sustain their showpiece for 90 minutes.

Arthur A Wilson’s cinematography is a herculean effort. AR Rahman’s back ground score and songs fit the mood perfectly. Dialogues are good and Parthiban scores once again with his direction prowess.

IRAVIN NIZHAL once again proves Parthiban’s uncanny commitment towards delivering something unique every time he gets behind the camera.





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