Buffoon movie review

Buffoon is directed by debutant Ashok Veerappan. Kaarthekeyen Santhanam and Sudhan Sundaram in association with Jayaram produce this movie under Stone Bench Films and Passion Studios banner.

BUFFOON has nothing new to offer in terms of plot and even execution. Different characters build up the interest in the screenplay. The romance is uninteresting. The usual Tamil film politics is on display and it offers nothing new despite being done to death. The conscious effort of the film to appeal to a larger audience doesn’t help the film. BUFFOON keeps swinging between dull and interesting moments and attempts to do a lot of everything without being focussed.

Vaibhav delivers an impressive performance. Anagha is good. Tamil and Joju George are decent.

Dinesh Puroshothaman’s cinematography is good. Sontosh Narayanan’s background score is effective. Dialogues are good and direction for a debutant is neat.

BUFFOON is a confused character..




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