SARDAR is a spy action thriller film written and directed by P. S. Mithran, and produced by S Lakshman Kumar, under the banner of Prince Pictures. Mithran made the decently entertaining “IRUMBU THIRAI” and HERO that sank without a trace.

Mithran does not move away from the “social issue” cause like in his earlier movies. The first few minutes are spent defining the character of Karthi and though not convincing enough the movie steps up gas by bringing up the spy story. The script is bundled with so many ideas that over a period of time it becomes tiring to focus on the present. An interesting cliché premise is riddled with a lot of masala and peppered with some national fervour but yet comes out wanting. There are some good moments that draws the viewer closer to the screenplay.The first half works fairly well but the second half is where the film stutters big time and travels on predictable terrain. The climax despite logic taking a beating, is fairly average.
Karthi is one-dimensional and with two roles is still the same. Rashi Khanna is wasted. Laila;s role is too short to judge. Chunky Pandey’s lip sync is bad but he does a decent job. The rest are OK.

Cinematography by George William is good. GV Prakash downs the dialogues spoken with a very loud background score. Sound design is a mess. The songs are average. Dialogues are good. Editing by Ruben is OK. Direction by Mithran is decent.

SARDAR is a passable entertainer !!





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