SISU is a historical action film written and directed by Jalmari Helander. Set in Finnish Lapland during World War II, the film is produced by Petri Jokrinta.

Totally unrelated one man’s gold vs the establishment; this idea worked wonders at the box office for KGF. It has to be seen if SISU does the same in India. The mounting is entirely different and with filmmakers of all kinds bombing to death the various world war themes and theories this looks an appealing premise with the focus just on the plot on hand as it absolves itself of the politics of the war of any kind. That in itself is an intriguing setup. But then yes it is the same old gallant, wicked reprisal yarn that we usually guzzle on the big screen, but in an entirely different milieu. The atmosphere is pulsating and keeps the viewer engrossed despite the languid pace of the film. Yes there are many moments where the logic gets suspended in thin air and yet the “vintage” action scenes regardless of munificent help from technology makes this film credible on all counts and is gratifying. You will have to disregard not just the over the top action scenes but also a few that make no sense except for visuals for a good poster.

Jorma Tommila is fantastic. Aksel Hennie is the perfect foil. The rest are decent.
Cinematography by Kjell Lagerroos is brilliant. Background score by Juri Seppä and Tuomas Wäinölä elevates the scenes double fold. The action choreography is top notch. Dialogues are minimal and direction is gritty.

SISU is strictly not for sissies, a feast for action fans and to be enjoyed in a group !!!



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