THEERADHA KADHAL is a romantic drama that is written and directed by Rohini Venkatesan. The film is produced by Lyca Productions

THEERADHA KADHAL has a very thin line that it works on with a screenplay that does its best to keep the viewers engaging. There might be a few instances that the viewers may be able to relate to in the film. These films have a decent fan following like the few films that came up before this. The casual dialogues are effective. But again the reasons and the transformations are not convincing enough. Yes there are a few scenes that feel repetitive but what works for the film is the way it keeps jumping back to the issue with its twists.

What works for the film is the realistic performances of Jai and Aishwarya Rajesh. The rest are good too.

Ravivarman Neelamangalam’s cinematography is neat. Siddu Kumar’s musical score works too. Dialogues are good and editing by Prasanna GK helps. Direction by Rohin Venkatesan is fine.

THEERADHA KADHAL is a casual watch !!



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