Welcome to Sudden Death (2020)

Welcome to discount “Die Hard.” I mean…, “Welcome to Sudden Death,” a movie so blatantly ripping off the popular film, it’s even directly mentioned.  Jesse Freeman (Michael Jai White) is a veteran working as a security guard at a new sports stadium in Phoenix. A group of terrorists kills every other security guard and rigs every exit to blow up when the crowd leaves at … Continue reading Welcome to Sudden Death (2020)

The Drop (2014)

Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini, Naomi Rapace, and Matthias Schoenaerts star in “The Drop” from 2014. With a script written by Dennis Lehane, good direction by Michael R. Roskam, and brilliant acting, this is an excellent film. Bob Saginowski (Hardy) works at a bar formerly owned by his cousin Marv (Gandolfini), now mob-run, which means that every once in a while, the bar is the drop … Continue reading The Drop (2014)

Mulan (2020)

Honestly I’ve enjoyed watching the movie, this is an achingly beautiful movie. The filmakers were deliberate about creating stunning visuals and succeeded – Mulan is one of the most beautiful movies you’ll see this year.but there were many ups and downs Ups: It’s unfortunate it isn’t getting a theatrical release since it’s a stunning visual spectacle. MULAN is visually gorgeous and one of the better … Continue reading Mulan (2020)


ALL TOGETHER – MOVIE REVIEW Gotham Group produces this film that is based upon a novel “Sorta like a Rockstar” written by Matthew Quick and directed by Brett Haley. The premise of the movie is nothing new. The screenplay too has shades of déjà vu. But then what works for the film are the earnest performances and the spirit of the central character. Yes at … Continue reading ALL TOGETHER – NETFLIX MOVIE REVIEW

Ava (2020)

Jessica Chastain plays the elusive Ava, who is the top assassin of a shady company. However, as she relapses into alcoholism and a mental breakdown is on the way, the company deems her a liability and wants her gone. In sceneries reminescent of the John Wick movies, like hotel rooms, a flashy nightclub and abandoned church, she fights both physically and mentally to protect herself … Continue reading Ava (2020)