Doctor Sleep (2019)

The ever-beautiful Rebecca Ferguson and a favorite from the Fargo series, Zahn McClarnon team up to bring us some somewhat scary, but more so eerie/creepy moments in this adaptation of King’s Doctor Sleep. For the most part, and with the help of Ewan McGregor who plays an alcoholic, grown-up version of The Shining’s Danny Torrence, they pull it off. While Doctor Sleep is a rather … Continue reading Doctor Sleep (2019)

Debt Collectors (2020)

“No more hurting my fellow man”. Oh really. Then how come the characters in Debt Collectors “hurt” and spit like no one’s business. I mean male bodies are pounded like tenderized meat trolled out at a Four-star steakhouse. Whoever was in charge of the sound editing via many blaring punches needs a little recognition. Anyway, “Collectors” is a cleanly-staged action film, a pseudo-martial arts mantra, … Continue reading Debt Collectors (2020)

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

Crafted with restraint, told with startling composure, and all the more uplifted by Kika Magalhaes’ downright deranged performance, The Eyes of My Mother is a disquieting, disturbing & demented psychological horror that paints one of the most unsettling portraits of loneliness & perversion but it isn’t a film that’s meant to appease all. The Eyes of My Mother tells the story of Francisca, a young … Continue reading The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

Extraction (2020)

A lot of times, people can’t figure out who was really in control of a particular movie. Was the director truly the person in charge of every creative and technical choice? Were the producers the ones responsible for most of the film? Or was the cast that carried the whole thing? Extraction might be Sam Hargrave’s directorial debut, but he’s been a stunt coordinator in … Continue reading Extraction (2020)

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Hotel for Dogs plays it very safe and sticks to a tried-and-true children’s movie formula. For a great many viewers the best thing about the film will be the cute and cuddly dogs that perform various tricks – their training is easily more impressive than the humdrum story, based on a hopefully more consequential Lois Duncan book. The dialogue lacks flair, the acting is expectedly … Continue reading Hotel for Dogs (2009)