Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Emily Blunt: Her pitch-perfect performance and the film’s visuals-rich details make it an experience worth remembering. Her performance has the right balance of dry wit and pure charisma. Meryl Streep: Streep creates a surreal but wonderful experience in the song Turning Turtle. Blunt::Blunt, in particular, creates a surreal but wonderful experience in the song Turning Turtle. Story: After a gap of 25 years, the magical … Continue reading Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Miles Morales: Miles Morales is infused with a lot of heart by Shameik Moore, while Jake Johnson does a delightfully laid-back take on Peter B. Parker. Hailee Steinfeld: Hailee Steinfeld brings spunk to Gwen Stacy while Nicolas Cage is especially hilarious as Spider-Man Noir Liev Schreiber: Liev Schreiber perfectly captures the Kingpin’s looming presence as Wilson Fisk Story: Miles Morales encounters a multi-verse of Spider-Men … Continue reading Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Under the Silver Lake (2018)

Andrew Garfield: The central character, played by Andrew Garfield, is a scruffy boyish 33-year-old dude named Sam, and from what we can tell he does absolutely nothing. He has no job or ambition, nothing resembling a structure to his life. David Yow: A smeary derelict named the Homeless King comes to meet Sam and lead him to a series of underground tunnels. Story: A young … Continue reading Under the Silver Lake (2018)

Robinhood (2018)

Robin of Loxley: Taron Egerton does all to provide credibility to the role and the action scenes in Peaky-honed style involving his slow-motion twirling through the air firing multiple arrows at one go catches the eye. Marian: Eve Hewson looks passive and jaded Sheriff: Played by Ben Mendelsohn stylishly STORY: This reinvents the legendary English tale where spoiled Robin of Loxley on return from the … Continue reading Robinhood (2018)

The Nutcracker and the four realms (2018)

Mackenzie Foy: Despite Mackenzie Foy’s best efforts to make Clara a spirited girl trying to find her place in the real, and fantasy world, she’s weighed down by groan-inducing dialogue that’s all exposition and little heart. Morgan Freeman: She sets out to ask her godfather Drosselmeyer about this mysterious gift. Little does she know that he has powers of his own Helen Mirren: He leads … Continue reading The Nutcracker and the four realms (2018)

The Predator (2018)

Olivia Munn: At one-point Olivia Munn’s character, the biologist – one of only two women in the entire movie – literally says the words, ‘grow a pair’, to the Iraq War vets next to her. Keegan-Michael Key: Is a fun comic relief. Boyd Holbrook: He is the buddy action movie person one never knew they wanted. Story: Here, two spacecraft battles over the Earth and … Continue reading The Predator (2018)