Confidential Assignment (2017)

Confidential Assignment is a very entertaining humorous action- thriller from South Korea. The story itself isn’t very original if you are familiar with classics such as Shiri but the movie’s execution is really gripping from start to finish. The actors do a convincing job, the action sequences are explosive and professional and the story has a tense and vivid pace with a few welcome amusing … Continue reading Confidential Assignment (2017)

Hit-and-Run Squad (2019)

In the testosterone-soaked world of Korean crime dramas, Han Jun-hee’s Hit-and-Run Squad puts a refreshing female spin on its story of police corruption and professional motor-racing, only to lose its nerve on the final lap. After the critical success of Han’s female-driven indie Coin Locker Girl, the film follows internal affairs officer Eun Shi-yeon (Gong Hyo-jin) as she is demoted to the low-stakes hit-and-run division, … Continue reading Hit-and-Run Squad (2019)

Forgotten (2017)

his is a nice little thriller with an intricate plot that’s almost impossible to outline without spoiling something. I suppose that in itself is a spoiler. But anyway. Kang Ha-neul plays a 20-something student, Jin-seok, who, along with his big brother and their parents, move into a new house. He’s a hypersensitive guy, having nightmares and hearing strange sounds. One rainy night, his brother is … Continue reading Forgotten (2017)

The Piper (2015)

This supernatural thriller is surely one of the best Korean indies from last year. It’s very dark, poetic, yet sometimes funny too, although the humour is mostly limited to the film’s first half. There is a relaxed atmosphere to the film’s first act, which is bathed in vivid, bright colors and followed by a quality soundtrack that matches the theme and setting. Here and there … Continue reading The Piper (2015)

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (2019)

“The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” is flamboyant, preposterous and exaggerated, taking viewers on a wild ride. Directed by Lee Khan and starring Kwon Sang-woo, the sequel to the “The Divine Move” (2014) — about high-stakes gambling via the game of Go — has an obvious premise and plot as well as one-dimensional characters. But it manages to provide fun and action. The film starts … Continue reading The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (2019)

No Mercy (2019)

Unfairly rated and deserving of much more credit. The story starts off with a flashback to the protagonist carrying a sledgehammer into an auto body shop and what looks to be a violent end for someone. The underlying theme of this movie focused solely on a sister (Park In-ae) looking for her missing younger sister (Park Eun-hye). As the movie progresses, we find out that … Continue reading No Mercy (2019)