Memoir of a Murderer (2017)

Kyoung-gu Sul – Perfect Nam-gil Kim – Smart Seol-Hyun Kim – Cute Others – Limited Story – A former killer who has the Alzheimer’s tries to protect his child from the psychotic boyfriend Cinematography – Neat Screenplay – Slow Direction – Good Memoir of a Murderer (2017) – Moderate! It’s a well made thriller except few scenes which are lengthy and makes us bored. Cinematography … Continue reading Memoir of a Murderer (2017)

A Taxi Driver (2017)

Song Kang-ho – Once again a master class performance from him. You can see his body language, dialogues and expressions are too good and natural. Stunning! Thomas Kretschmann – Such a equal and classical performance. His performance in this movie was awesome! Yu Hae-jin – Well known face in the Korean movies. He is a multi talented actor and his role was most important and … Continue reading A Taxi Driver (2017)

New Trial (2017)

Kang Ha-neul – Lively Jung Woo – All in one performance Lee Dong-hwi – Smart and performance oriented Lee Gyeung-young – Casual and Cool Others – Well done Story – An innocent man was sentenced to 10 years in the jail but things changes when an energetic lawyer who seeks opportunity took this case and come up with different solution and prove his innocence Cinematography … Continue reading New Trial (2017)

The Villainess (2017)

Ok-bin Kim – Effortless and Multi talented. Stunned with her stunt. Ha-kyun Shin – Matured, Smart and Tough Jun Sung – Cute and Honest performance Others – Balanced Story – A woman assasin seeks revenge on people from her past life Cinematography – Plenty of hard work. It’s Impressive. Screenplay – Sharp. Even if you miss one scene, you will be confused to understand the … Continue reading The Villainess (2017)

Unforgettable (2016)

So-hyun Kim – Cute and matured performance Others – Neatly done. Story – This movie is about five friends. The movie starts from memory of a radio jockey who receives a letter from unexpected audience and journey travels in the screen Cinematography – Capturing Screenplay – Smooth Sailing Direction – Delightful Unforgettable (2016) – It’s a feel good movie about friendship involving bonding, entertainment, love … Continue reading Unforgettable (2016)