Wind River (2017)

Jeremy Renner – Simple, cool and matching role. Right choice of story for him
Elizabeth Olsen – Right choice of casting in terms of her role as she looks innocent but delivers energetic performance
Others – Perfect
Background Music – Amazing
Cinematography – Blissful for eyes and the hard work is clearly shown in the each and every frame
Direction – Impactful
Taylor Sheridan(Director) – He is well known and has directed Sicario(2015) and Hell or High Water(2016). As you can expect surprising package in the climax in his movies with his neat direction
Story – A hunter come tracker helps FBI agent to solve the murder of a native american woman
Wind River (2017) – This movie was shot in the outer or border region of United states. Most of the movie location covering the countryside mountains and snow. Snow has a special role in this movie and it was shown lively with excellent cinematography. The amount of hard work from the whole team in seen in each scene especially in the snow. It also shows the lifestyle of people living there and how the law behaves(Land of your own). The language slang perfectly matches with the people living near the border.  Small things are shown in exquisite way eg: The bonding between father and son, When  his mom gives daughter clothes to FBI agent etc . Well executed thriller and must watch.




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