Atomic Blonde (2017)

Charlize Theron – Wow! i have no words to express her effort and performance in this movie. One of her best and life time role. Smoking chills everytime she smokes!
James McAvoy – Casual, Cunning and Stunning
John Goodman – Smart
Sofia Boutella – Sexy
Others – Well Supported
Story – An undercover MI6 agent is sent to berlin to find out the murder of their agent during cold war
Background Music – Rocking
Cinematography – Effortless and team work
Direction – Magnificant
Atomic Blonde (2017) – Action Packed! The theme of Berlin was well maintained throughout the movie.  Credit goes to cinematography for capturing some of the best stunts. Most of the stunt scenes are taken in single lengthy shot. Stunts are Awesome, different and realistic. Make up man played a vital role in making things look realistic. Screenplay is bit of confusing for general audience to understand. Background music is excellent which makes you peppy in most of the scenes. Movie for action lovers!




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