Mersal (2017)

Vijay – Cool and energetic performance. One man show!
S.J Surya – Cool, stylish and this role suits him well
Samantha – Cuteness loaded
Kajal Aggarwal – Guest role
Nithya Menon – Bold
Vadivelu – Good re-entry for vadivelu after several drawback in his past movie. Old is gold!
Kali venkat – Natural performer and casually done
Sathyaraj – Predictable performance
Others – Supportive
Story – Twins re-unite together to take revenge for the death of their father
Cinematography – Hard working
Screenplay – Up and Down
Direction – Justifying
Mersal (2017) – Mass movie with simple and thinking dialogues. The making of the movie is good but most of the scenes are predictable and made specifically for Vijay fans . Movie with message about the corporate world ruling the country but logic is missing. Climax stunts is good. Special Diwali treat for vijay fans. Mersal – Mouth watering treat for vijay fans.


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