A Taxi Driver (2017)

Song Kang-ho – Once again a master class performance from him. You can see his body language, dialogues and expressions are too good and natural. Stunning!
Thomas Kretschmann – Such a equal and classical performance. His performance in this movie was awesome!
Yu Hae-jin – Well known face in the Korean movies. He is a multi talented actor and his role was most important and perfectly delivered.
Ryu Jun-yeol – Cute, caring and honest performance
Others – Perfect
Story – A widowed taxi driver takes a German reported to the Gwangju from Seoul to cover the truth
Cinematography – Visually top notch and efforts are clearly seen in every shot
Screenplay – Fast and the Furious
Direction – Hun Jang – Such a classic making and a special thanks for making a wonderful movie
A Taxi Driver (2017) – Based on true story happened in the year 1980, Seoul, Korea. They have maintained the 1980 theme of Korea like roads, taxi, dressing and even the riot part making was truly impressive. Narration of the story to the execution of each scenes was handled so perfectly. The performance of each and every casting was so lively and you would be involved as you watch the movie. Competitive performance from both Song Kang-ho and Thomas Kretschmann and well supported by Yu Hae-jin. Action sequences are so realistic which would create tension among the viewers and emotions, violence are told boldly. If you want to watch a good movie, please go ahead and watch. Worth your time in knowing the history happened in Korea.

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