DEADPOOL 2 (2018)

Ryan Reynolds: Portrayed as mutant mercenary Wade Wilson as Deadpool, the superhero forms a team of mutants X-Force. The role destined to project Ryan to greater stardom with his exemplifying performance.

Josh Brolin: As Cable, he has added depth, creativity and certainly created a hype.

MorenaBaccarin: As Vanessa, she has played a perfect match in the relationship with Wade Wilson/Deadpool to bring in happiness and attitudinal change in him.

Rest of the Crew: All bring life & something new to the whole plot & film.

Story: Deadpool, a foul-mouthed mercenary gathers a team comprising mutant rogues & act as a saviour to a young child with supernatural characteristics from the evil designs of mutant Cable. Deadpool 2 Story is about a family, very absorbing and good, with new characters especially Cable & Domino who are pleasantly great.

Cinematography: Elevating

Screenplay: Absorbing

Direction: David Leitch’s directional treatment of the film is action-packed, well coordinated individual moments with humorous scenes deftly punched in.

DEADPOOL 2: The film an action, Sci-fi, adventure and humor punched to provide the audience with all-out entertainment & absorbing for the full 108 minutes of screening without loosening the plot. It’s a great sequel delivering a potent admixture of comedy & action.


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